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There are many different types of image format, which usually fall into one of three categories: an uncompressed format, a compressed format or a vector format. As technology has improved so have image file types. In the 1980s popular image formats were larger uncompressed files, such as bitmap images. With the advent of the Internet demand grew for image formats to use smaller file sizes, so they could be transferred more quickly. Compressed formats such as JPG and GIF became more popular, sacrificing some image quality and sharpness to produce smaller file sizes. They later gave way to modern iterations such as WebP. Vector images such as EPS and SVG have also proved popular. They differ from these other formats by mapping out the geometric information which allows the image to rendered smoothly at any desired display size. Application compatibility for different image formats is patchy, which is why it can be handy to have a tool on hand to easily convert them.

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