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I tried it and immediately fell in love! It was so easy to use! After a couple conversions I bought the guys a cup of coffee. A couple more and decided this was too good to abuse! I joined! My life is so much easier!


I had a huge, problematic file to convert that couldn't go through the usual automated conversion process. The Zamzar team responded quickly to my request for help, and they took the extra steps needed to do it manually.


Used it for over a year to convert my bank statements to csv files. Great quick app, increased my productivity a lot. Also, amazing support - always helped me quickly!

Agata Wierzbicka

I've used this product for years. And customer service is excellent. Just had an issue where I was charged and I didn't agree with the charge and they took care of it, even though they didn't have to.


I have been so thankful for Zamzar’s support from the beginning of the Pandemic to the present day. Their service is first rate & their helpfulness is always the best it could be.


It’s my first time using it. I had some complications doing it. I’m not very good at this. But I wrote to the company and I had a lot of help. I’m satisfied with customer service and with the app.

Ana Suárez

I use Zamar whenever I need to convert audio and video files from multiple submitters to 1 uniform file format for Audio and Video Editing. I can do multiple large files in a short amount of time.

Christopher Bee

Great for when you need a lot of conversions in a short time. You have directly access and can even put the subscription on for just a month.

Sabina Calis

I feel like Zamzar is an active team member, especially for projects that I work on where I am the workhorse and it saves so much time and frustration. I am spoiled with Zamzar, because they have set the bar for file conversion and customer service very high.

Deborah Herman

Fantastic service! My mom's computer died and she has 1000+ Word Perfect files she wants to keep for some reason. Since Word Perfect is basically dead, I decided to convert all her files. Zamzar's converter was perfect.

Aron Boyette

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We have a dedicated <a href="/faq/">FAQ page</a> in case you ever need any help, and if the answer isn

Help is on Hand

We have a dedicated FAQ page in case you ever need any help, and if the answer isn't on that page, then drop our support team an email and they'll be happy to help.

We never sit still. Instead, we’re always trying to improve our service and add new features that make your experience that much better.


We never sit still. Instead, we’re always trying to improve our service and add new features that make your experience that much better.

Zamzar is widely used across the world, so we support many different languages, providing a much better experience for our users.

Available In Many Languages

Zamzar is widely used across the world, so we support many different languages, providing a much better experience for our users.

Zamzar remained available for use during the coronavirus pandemic, and we’ll continue to support our users who need their files converted.

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Zamzar remained available for use during the coronavirus pandemic, and we’ll continue to support our users who need their files converted.

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You’ll find all the conversion and compression tools you need, all in one place, at Zamzar. With over 1100 file-conversion types supported, whether you need to convert videos, audio, documents or images, you’ll easily find what you need and soon have your files in the formats and sizing that work for you.

CDR Image Format

CDR Converter

The CDR image file format was developed by Corel for its CorelDRAW program. The first version of CorelDRAW was launched in 1989 for Windows. CDR is an example of a vector image file that comprises layers of different elements forming the whole design. These layered elements can then be edited individually in graphics-editing programs like CorelDRAW. Vector images are often larger than 2D raster image files like JPG or PNG. Other vector image formats include EPS, AI and SVG.

As well as with CorelDRAW, you may be able to open CDR files for editing in some other graphics programs, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and Inkscape. However, this can depend on the version of CorelDRAW used to create the file. Vector graphics editors are often premium products requiring either a one-off software purchase or a subscription. However, you can usually sign up to a free trial of the software, or find ‘freemium’ versions that have more limited functionality or contain advertising.

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AI Image Format

AI Converter

An AI file has the full name of Adobe Illustrator Artwork file and it is a vector image file. AI files are created by a program called Adobe Illustrator and, instead of crafting the image using bitmap data like other traditional image files, an AI file is made up of paths connected by different points; hence why it’s called a vector image file. This means that the image’s details are retained when zoomed in. It’s because of this that AI files are often used when constructing logos or if something highly detailed needs to be printed.

Many programs can open AI files but they tend to convert them into bitmap form, and this means that the images can't be zoomed in on without impacting the clarity of the image. In order to prevent this, users are advised to open AI files in Adobe Illustrator. Other programs that open AI files include Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021.

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How to convert a CDR to a AI file?

  1. 1. Choose the CDR file that you want to convert.
  2. 2. Select AI as the the format you want to convert your CDR file to.
  3. 3. Click "Convert" to convert your CDR file.

Convert from CDR

Using Zamzar, it is possible to convert CDR files to a variety of other formats:


Frequently asked questions

If you’ve got any questions about converting or compressing files with Zamzar, we’re happy to help! We’ve answered a few commonly-asked questions below, to get you started, and you can find out more information about file conversion and compression with Zamzar, in our Help centre.

You can convert CDR files to AI using a free online conversion tool like Zamzar or by installing file conversion software. On Zamzar’s website, you just need to upload your CDR file, click to convert it to AI, and then download your file in the new format.

If your CDR file was created on versions 5-10 of CorelDRAW and hasn’t been compressed, you may also be able to open it directly with Adobe Illustrator. However, if this doesn’t work, you can convert any CDR file for free with Zamzar.

Using Zamzar’s three-step conversion tool is one of the easiest ways to convert CDR files to another format like AI. It sits on a website, so there’s no extra software to install, and you can convert multiple files for free in just a few clicks. Simply upload your CDR files to Zamzar’s online conversion tool, select the format you’d like to convert them to, and then download your new files.

If you have access to CorelDRAW, then you could also open your CDR file with that, and then export it as another format.

If you don’t have CorelDRAW or a CDR-viewer installed on your Mac, you may need to convert your .CDR file to another format to open it. It’s easy to do this with the free three-step tool on Zamzar’s website. You only need to upload your .CDR file, select the format to convert it to, and then download the file in the new format.

You can open some CDR files using Adobe Illustrator, but this will depend on the version of CorelDRAW that it was created in, and whether the file has been compressed.

One of the easiest ways to open a CDR file without Corel is to convert it to a different format using a website like Zamzar. There are a wide range of formats you can convert to, including JPG, PNG and SVG, or AI if you want to edit the image in Illustrator. Just upload the CDR file to Zamzar’s three-step conversion tool, select the format you want, then ‘Convert Now’. You can then download your new files.

You may also be able to open your CDR file with Inkscape or LibreOffice, although this may depend on the version of the software you are using and the version of Corel the file was saved in. However, if the file can be opened, you may find that it isn't formatted correctly.

There are several ways to convert from CDR to Illustrator, including using Zamzar or another online file conversion tool. If the CDR file was created in versions 5-10 of CorelDRAW, you may be able to open it directly within Adobe Illustrator.

However, if this isn’t possible, or you have multiple files to convert, it’s easy to use Zamzar’s three-step online tool. Just upload your file and click to convert it to AI format. Your AI files will be ready to download in seconds, so you can start editing them in Illustrator straight away.