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Why convert Photo to text?

Photo-to-text conversion services can be an invaluable tool for anyone looking to quickly convert an image to text for copying, storing or sharing information. Whether you are translating content from an image into another language, a student looking to annotate a textbook, or a professional needing to convert an image into an editable text document, these conversion tools are vital for the modern digital age. For the non-techies out there, you may have experienced the frustrations and overwhelm of accurately copying words from an image at some point in your life. No doubt it took you a long time with several mistakes along the way, particularly if you were dealing with large amounts of text. Our photo-to-text converter has been made to save you time, ensure accuracy, and quickly convert an image into an editable, plain-text file for you to work with. Our tool uses state-of-the-art OCR (optical character recognition) technology as an efficient way to convert your photo into text - a new digital automation to free up your time and get you ahead in the business game, and an essential tool to have in your arsenal.


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We’re often the go-to for file conversion. Even the creator of PowerPoint asked us to help him convert a very old PowerPoint file into something that could be opened!

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