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Why convert TIFF to text?

TIFF files are one of the best file formats for preserving high-quality images, for printing, or for displaying on high-resolution screens. They're often used for graphics and in archiving and image editing due to their lossless compression and versatility. However, because of the sheer amount of data they hold, TIFF files can be difficult to share across multiple platforms and applications, and archiving information in TIFF format can become increasingly expensive as you grow the archive size and need to buy additional storage. Sadly, although they provide excellent resolution and quality, their larger file size becomes a drawback over time.

Because of this, TIFF images of scanned documents, PDFs, and digital photographs of similar data are typically converted into plain text using picture-to-text extractors, like the one on this page. These extractors are one of the most powerful applications available for transcription and archiving. Through the automated text recognition of these extraction tools, it's possible to quickly and accurately convert the content of TIFF images into text - helping organisations and individuals streamline document management processes and save a huge amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on manually sorting and rifling through towers of paper files or outsourcing transcription services.

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