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Why convert JPG to text?

If you're looking to improve your digital workflow, using a JPG image-to-text conversion tool could be the leg-up you're looking for. JPG (or JPEG) files are image file formats used to store digital images. It's the most widely used image format on the internet today and is commonly used to store photographs, graphics, scanned content and other types of digital images. Regardless of your sector, it's safe to say you probably have quite a few on your device.

One of the downsides of JPG files is that they're not ideal for editing text and if you have written content within the image file, you'll not be able highlight it and copy it into a separate file for editing or amending. In these cases you'll want to use an extractor tool to convert your JPG file to text. Our picture-to-text conversion tool can be used to quickly grab any text within your picture file and change it into editable and searchable text. This kind of conversion makes it easier to organise and store content in plain-text document format without the mistakes that can occur from manual transcription, so you can be sure that the output text is accurate and error-free.

High Quality

Our conversion tool has been created in such a way that the original formatting and layout of the file will be retained. The only difference you’ll notice will be the file type.

Very Experienced

We’re often the go-to for file conversion. Even the creator of PowerPoint asked us to help him convert a very old PowerPoint file into something that could be opened!

Available In Many Languages

Your language shouldn’t be a barrier when using the Zamzar conversion tool. We support many languages and are adding more all the time.

API Available

Like our web application, our API supports 100s of different file formats, meaning over 1100 different conversions are supported.