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Why convert GIF to text?

GIF files are an image file format used to store bitmap images. They're commonly used with graphics and animations, but can also be used for sharing text in image format. These files use a compression algorithm to reduce file size without compromising image quality, but this means that they aren't suitable for storing complex images above 256x256 pixels.

Because of the content you can store in a GIF file, they can be excellent for capturing certain visual data, but this can cause problems if you are looking to quickly and accurately share text held within the image. In this case you may end up manually transcribing the content, which can take a lot of time. A GIF-to-text conversion tool, like the one on this page, is an excellent solution to this scenario, helping you to extract the text from your GIF file. Our tool uses a type of technology called OCR (optical character recognition) software to detect text within the image and convert it to a plain text file. Image-to-text converters like this can be used to create editable transcripts or to share text from a variety of GIF images, such as screenshots, social media images, or picture infographics, making them an incredibly useful tool.

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