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Why convert PNG to text?

The PNG file format is one of the most supported image formats on the web today, and it's often used for logos, illustrations, graphics and other pictures. While it's among the most common, this format can take up a lot of space on websites and applications. This means people often consider extracting information from their PNG files to conserve space or so they can store data from the images in a different format, as well as to enable editing or copying of any text contained in the images.

PNG-to-text converters can help you easily extract the text from your PNG files, and are great for situations where you quickly need to transcribe information, such as text contained in photos of receipts or in screenshots of a presentation slide. They can help save time and effort by eliminating the need to manually type out the data. In recent years the accuracy of text-extraction tools has come a long way, making it easier to ensure the output file you are getting is accurate and editable. If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to convert images to text, then our PNG image-to-text conversion tool is the way to go.

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We support over 1100 different file-conversion types, and each and every one gets the same level of attention to ensure it works correctly first time and every time.

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Because the service is provided online, there are no software downloads needed. Instead, every conversion occurs in the cloud, meaning you can convert your file anytime and anywhere.

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We support both well-known file formats and those that are more obscure, including file formats that are 20 years old!

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