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Why convert Audio to text?

Audio-to-text technology is taking work efficiency and inclusion to the next level. It's revolutionising the way we do business and everyday life, with benefits spanning composing emails, providing meeting or event transcripts, generating searchable video or audio content, the all-important hands-free note-taking, improving customer service, and much more! Of course, we can thank AI Automatic Speech Recognition (also known as ASR), which is the brains behind what makes this possible; it converts audio files to text using the combined knowledge of linguistics, computer science and electrical engineering, to create a readable text output.

Whilst there are varying degrees of accuracy in the tools currently available on the internet, this technology is getting smarter with each use, and is an increasingly essential component in making media, content, and workplaces more accessible. Our Zamzar Coding Wizards (Developers) have worked their magic behind the scenes to create our new audio-to-text converter app to help you get going. To convert your audio file to text, simply upload your audio file to our conversion tool - your converted file will be ready to download in just a few moments.

Cloud Based

Zamzar is a cloud-based conversion tool, which means you can convert your file from anywhere, providing you have a working internet connection!

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We have X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can always ask us a question and our social media team will help you out.

Multiple File Formats

We support almost every type of file format; if we don’t support one you need to convert, then drop us an email and we'll look to get it added.

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If we don't support a conversion type, then just drop us a message and our engineers will look to add support for it.