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Why convert MP3 to text?

There are so many reasons for converting MP3 files to text. Whether it's to transcribe your podcast audio so you have an accessible and SEO-friendly version to add to your website, to help you repurpose audio content for a blog post or social media, or to provide you with written notes from a customer call or interview, there are times when having a written copy of what was spoken is really helpful.

Although MP3 files are one of the most common audio formats, they're not always a convenient way of accessing information for everyone. Perhaps you're in a quiet location without your headphones, or the speech in the audio file isn't in your own language so you need a written form that you can run through a translation service. Or maybe you have a hearing impairment, or you just find written information easier to digest because you can make notes against the text. Whatever the reason, Zamzar's MP3-to-text converter removes the pain and time of typing out the audio contents word by word, quickly producing an accurate transcript from your MP3 file, and freeing you up to spend time on more important (and, frankly, more enjoyable) tasks.

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