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Why convert AAC to text?

AAC is a popular audio file format, and its use of lossy compression to reduce the file size makes it ideal for storing and sharing audio data. However, there are many times when it's helpful to have a written version of the audio contents; for example, so you can make notes against a written transcript of an interview or lecture, or to produce an accessible version of a podcast for your website. Previously this would have meant laboriously replaying and typing out the speech in the file, or paying for an expensive audio transcription service or personal assistant to do this for you.

Our audio-to-text converter simplifies this process by detecting any speech in your audio file and translating this into written form. Almost instantly, you'll be able to download a text file that contains an editable and searchable typed version of your audio. Whether you need transcriptions of customer calls and research interviews, or simply want to turn your voice memos into typed notes, Zamzar's audio-to-transcript service will save you valuable time and, let's face it, your sanity!


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