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Why convert OGG to text?

Although not as widely used as the MP3 format, the OGG file type has distinct advantages for storing audio. For example, the type of compression used for this format means that you can have high-quality audio at much smaller file sizes - great for storing and sharing files. However, there are times when it's useful to have the contents of your OGG file in written form instead, and this used to mean manually typing out the speech in the file, or paying for an expensive transcription service.

Now, with the Zamzar OGG-to-text converter you can change your audio file to text in just a few moments. Producing a transcription that contains fully editable and searchable text, the conversion tool makes it quick and easy to create SEO-friendly articles for your website, or to repurpose podcast content for your blog or social media pages. Transferring voice memos to typed notes and producing a transcript of a research interview can now be done almost instantly, improving your work efficiency. And it's easier than ever to improve the accessibility of your content for those who are hearing-impaired or who need written text so they can run it through a translation app - meaning your content can reach a wider audience with little extra effort from you. That's a win for everyone!

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