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Why convert WMA to text?

A WMA (Windows Media Audio) file is an audio file format developed by Microsoft for storing audio data. It is often used for storing music, although it is also popular for audio books and podcasts. You might be thinking, 'Great! If I have an audio file, why would I need a WMA-to-text converter?' Putting it simply, speech-to-text converters are the answer to all things audio transcription; they can be used to convert audio files from WMA to text format.

Conversion technology like this is becoming increasingly mainstream for everyday office and personal use. The output text files can be used to make subtitles for video, to transcribe audio, or simply to make data more accessible. WMA-to-text conversion can also be used for tasks like creating search-engine-friendly transcripts of audio files, to convert audio lectures into text (making them easier to reference or make notes against), or to quickly generate content for blog posts and articles by taking a podcast's audio recording and translating it into text. Simplify your transcription process with a convenient, fast and accurate way to transcribe WMA files into text, using Zamzar's WMA-to-text online converter.


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We first launched in 2006, and in that time we have constantly innovated and improved the service that we provide.

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