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Why convert MP4 to text?

MP4 video files are everywhere! Not only are they one of the most popular types of video file, being supported by all the major media players, they're also the default format for video for many devices and software applications. If you've recorded a video meeting in Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, the file you downloaded is likely to be an MP4 file. We've developed our MP4-to-text converter to enable you to easily turn your video files into text transcriptions. So now it's quick and easy to distribute meeting notes to your team, or to create accurate subtitles for your webinar or presentation

MP4 transcriptions also provide you with fully-searchable text - ideal for repurposing video content as an SEO-friendly article, or for archiving interviews or research conversations in a form you can easily search through later. Uploading a transcription of your MP4 along with the video itself is also a simple way to improve the accessibility of your content - now hearing-impaired viewers can consume your content too, and foreign-language viewers can easily run the text through a translation tool. Whatever your reason for needing to change your MP4 audio to text, the Zamzar video-to-text converter will make the task straightforward and painless - so no more manual transcribing. Phew!

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