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Why convert MOV to text?

MOV files are one of the most common types of video file, and the default format for Apple devices like MacBooks, iPhones and iPads. So if you've recorded a webinar or presentation on your iPhone, chances are the video file will be in MOV format. While video may be the best form for content in some situations, there are times when you just need a written version of what was said. For example, a written transcript can help make the webinar on your website accessible to those with a hearing impairment, or can make it easier for you to repurpose the information in a help video for your FAQs, blog or social media channels. And having a typed copy of a presentation or interview allows you to store the information in a searchable form, as well as making it simple to add notes you can refer to later.

You can easily turn your MOV file into a text document with our online video-to-text converter. Your converted transcription will be ready in just a few moments, and will contain fully editable and searchable text. This searchable text can provide you with other benefits as well - uploading a typed transcription of your video to your website serves your content in a form that search engines can crawl and index, boosting SEO. And text is much easier to run through a translation tool, helping foreign-language speakers access the content you're creating too.

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