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Why compress files?

As the number of different file types have increased over the years we have seen new file types appear that range in size to such an extent that there's a need for users to be able compress files. For example, we've all been at work and been sent a spreadsheet, document or presentation that has blown our mailbox. We've all visited websites that seem to take an age to load and that's because the images used on the site are unnecessarily large in size. Sometimes, there's a requirement to have the highest quality file possible - perhaps a wedding picture you want printed or a movie that you are airing. However, most of the time we want to be able to send files quickly and to also be able to consume them easily. This is why we have built the Zamzar compression tool. We are able to compress all different types of files - Images, Documents, Videos and Audio files - and allow users to make those files smaller whilst still retaining their overall quality. Just like our conversion tool, it is simple to use and can all be done online in an instant.

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In just three simple steps you can convert your file, and you can do so without ever leaving your browser.


We recognise that you have entrusted Zamzar with your files and your personal information, and handling your data is a serious responsibility; we want you to know how we go about doing that. Our privacy policy can be read here.


We’re always trying to improve the file conversion speeds. That’s why we've recently added real-time conversion, which means you no longer need to enter your email to get your converted file.

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Zamzar converts files on all platforms. We support Windows, Mac, Linux and everything in between. All you need is a web browser.