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Why compress MP4 files?

MP4 files also go by the name of MPEG4 and are synonymous with Apple, specifically iTunes. They're a multimedia format and is the standard file format for Apple iTunes and tend to be the Internet standard for video files when a download occurs which means they are therefore widely used. Whilst MP4 files tend to be slightly smaller than other multimedia file formats they still have scope to be compressed further using the Zamzar compression tool. The compression that is built into the MP4 file is split between audio and video with both being compressed differently - the video element is compressed using MPEG-4 whilst the audio part uses AAC compression. MP4 files can range in size but because they're supported by so many applications they tend to be a file type that is heavily shared. Given email sending limits and limited storage on phones it is perhaps unsurprising that so many people wish to compress MP4 files further so they use up less storage. Zamzar MP4 compression allows you to reduce the size of your MP4 file whilst ensuring there's no noticeable impact to the quality.

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