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Why compress AVI files?

The AVI file also goes by the name of an Audio Video Interleave File and was first developed by Microsoft back in the early 90s. As a rule, AVI file formats tend to be a lot larger in size than other video file formats because they use less compression. For every minute of video an AVI file will usually take up a Gigabyte of storage. Unsurprisingly AVI file formats are very high quality but aren't universally supported by applications in the same way as say an MP4 file is. AVI files tend not to be sent via email or SMS because of their size. Even using file sending software such as WeTransfer can be challenging if an AVI file is long in length, for example, a movie. They also can take up a lot of storage on your device that you're using so it's perhaps not surprising that there's often a need to compress them using tools like the Zamzar compression tool. Our compression tool enables AVI files to be smaller in size whilst still retaining the high quality that they are known for.

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