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Why compress PPTX files?

PPTX is a PowerPoint file type developed by Microsoft as part of Office 2007. PPTX was introduced by Microsoft in order to help users share information between programs more easily and to combat the increasingly large file sizes that they'd been in previous versions of Office. Not withstanding this change, file sizes of PPTX can still be exceedingly high especially if users have included images or video clips within the PPTX and those images/videos are themselves file types that are large in size. Given PPTX files can be so large it is perhaps no surprise that there is a need to compress them into more manageable file sizes. The compression works in a way that despite reducing the size of the file, there is no noticeable impact to the quality of the file. The advantage of compressing PPTX files is that they are more easily shared and can be downloaded that much quicker. Often, when shared, a large PPTX file can consume all of a recipient's mailbox which we all know can be so frustrating! By compressing the file that problem does not exist and all the while the same content can be sent to the recipient. The PPTX converter tool can be used today to compress those large PPTX files and make them smaller in size whilst retaining their quality. Compress your file today and you can share it safe in the knowledge you're not about to blow a users mailbox.

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