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The GIF was created around 30 years ago and has enjoyed something of a renaissance since the explosion of Social Media. Originally the GIF, which was developed by CompuServe, was created in order to save on computer memory which back in 1987 was so scarce. Its popularity waned when the JPG and PNG formats were created as these formats tended to be smaller in size and sharper in terms of resolution. GIF files tend to be on the small side but are still targeted to be compressed further. The reason for this is a webpage is typically made up of images, just like the GIF, and the more images there are on that page the longer the page takes to load. If a page takes too long to load then chances are the user will go elsewhere. So anything that can make an image as small as it can possibly whilst still maintaining its quality is going to be popular with developers and users alike. Zamzar GIF compression allows you to reduce the size of your GIF whilst still ensuring the quality remains just as high.

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