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Why compress BMP files?

BMP, also goes by the name of Bitmap Image file and it is an uncompressed image file. BMP images are high quality because each pixel has its own colour data and each pixel is stored in its original form without any compression. BMP files are typically very large files. The Zamzar logo, for example, is around 28 KB if saved as a PNG but if saved as a BMP this figure jumps to over 3000 KB. Webpages don't tend to use BMP files because image file sizes are so large and therefore the pages take so long to load. However, BMP files are better quality and so depending on the type of site you run (an artistic type site for example) some developers are inclined to go with a BMP file. Also, BMP files are often used in printing because they're so much sharper. Again, trying to send a BMP file to a printers can be problematic because of the large file size. They're often compressed so that the sharpness and quality of the image is retained but the overall file size is reduced which enables easier sharing or quicker load time for webpages. Users can use Zamzar to compress a BMP image and retain the quality of that image. So if you need to send a bunch of photos to a printers but haven't got the storage to do so then simply compress the files and send away.

High Quality

Our conversion tool has been created in such a way that the original formatting and layout of the file will be retained. The only difference you’ll notice will be the file type.

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Because the service is provided online, there are no software downloads needed. Instead, every conversion occurs in the cloud, meaning you can convert your file anytime and anywhere.

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Zamzar converts files in real-time, which means a file can now be converted more quickly than it takes for you to make a cup of coffee.

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