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Why compress MOV files?

The MOV file format is a video format that is inextricably linked with Apple and the QuickTime Player with MOV files being Apple's propriety video file format. The file itself is a lot smaller in size to say an AVI file and that's because MPEG-4 compression is used as well as the file itself being quite neatly organised into different compartments for audio, text and video making it a wholly more efficient file. MOV file formats are widely shared especially since Apple's growth in the last couple of decades. Like an MP4 file, MOV files range in size but their quality tends to be good whilst not being quite as sharp as say the AVI file format. With the ever increasing pressures on storage there's an increasing need to compress MOV files so that they can be more easily shared and consumed. Using a tool like the Zamzar compression tool enables MOV files to be compressed in such a way that the amount of storage used goes down but there's no noticeable change to the quality of the file meaning sharing and consuming of MOV files becomes that much easier.

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