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Why compress JPG files?

The JPG file format is an image file that sometimes goes by the name of JPEG. It's probably the most well known image file type and arguably the most popular as well as it tends to be the default image type for all things digital. It was originally developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group and was originally created to solve the problem of images having prohibitively large file sizes. JPG file formats tend to be smaller in size as they have already been compressed but they're often the subject of further compression using compression technology such as what Zamzar offers. The reason they get compressed further is because JPG files are often used on websites and a website typically average around 40 images on any one page. Those 40 images take time to load and for the site to then be presented back to the user. The quicker it loads, the better the experience for the user. The smaller the image size, the quicker the page loads hence the need for compression. The same is true for when you send an image from your device - the larger the image the longer it takes to send and then to download the other end. Users can use the Zamzar JPG compression tool to compress their JPG files without impacting the quality of the file. So today you can make your JPG files smaller and thereby making them easier to share and download.


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