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Why compress DOCX files?

The DOCX format, first created by Microsoft Word, is one of the most widely used word-processing file types. It’s now also supported by several other applications, such as Apple Pages, Google Docs, LibreOffice and OpenOffice, so it’s likely you’ve used this file format at some point – perhaps for studying, creating a CV or for a work report. As well as containing typed text, DOCX files can accommodate formatting elements, images, tables, charts, graphs, and even embedded video, and these added content elements can make the file size become quite large. The larger the file, the more difficult it is to share it; email applications often prevent you from attaching and sending hefty files by email, and large files can take a long time to upload and then download when trying to transfer them online. This is where the Zamzar DOCX compression tool can lend a helping hand – quickly reducing the size of the file by compressing the data in it, yet maintaining the quality of the contents. The smaller file produced is much easier to store and share, making it much simpler to collaborate on tasks with colleagues, clients and others.

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Zamzar has been in existence now for over ten years, and so we’ve been able to improve and refine our file conversions to ensure they're of the highest standard.


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