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Why compress PNG files?

A PNG file was developed in 1995 and is a widely used image file format. PNG files were developed originally to solve the problem of excessive image file sizes. PNG files are compressed already, using lossless compression (this allows users to decompress the image to its original form). They tend to be sharper and crisper than other compressed image formats such as JPG files. They're also a popular target for further compression using compression technology like Zamzar's. The average size of the PNG can vary greatly but if you are sharing images for the purposes to print - e.g. wedding photos - you may use the PNG format. Not only can a large file size blow an inbox, if you are sharing from a device then it can also blow your data allowance. PNG files can be compressed easily and despite shrinking in size their quality is retained. It therefore makes a lot of sense to compress your PNG files before sending because you can send a lot more files for the same amount of storage and the user receiving the file won't realise they've even be compressed. You can use the Zamzar PNG compression tool to compress your PNG files now. So if you need to make your PNG file smaller but keep the quality intact then this tool will be ideal.


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Zamzar has been in existence now for over ten years, and so we’ve been able to improve and refine our file conversions to ensure they're of the highest standard.

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Zamzar is a cloud-based conversion tool, which means you can convert your file from anywhere, providing you have a working internet connection!