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Why compress DOC files?

The DOC file format, also known as a document file format, is the industry leading word processing file format. DOC files are able to contain images, tables, graphs and charts and therefore can range greatly in size. Whilst the average document size tends to be small, many are much bigger and can be so big that they can't either be sent or opened because of users' storage limitations. Some Documents, for example, contain BMP images and these can increase the size of the file dramatically. It's this reason that DOC files are often compressed using the Zamzar DOC Compression tool. The tool shrinks the overall file size whilst not impacting the quality of the file. This means that users can share and download the compressed file that much more quickly and also without fear of upsetting potential recipients who often can have mailbox storage restrictions. If you are someone who stores lots of documents then you'll be pleased to hear you can compress DOC files in bulk saving that much more space and time.


Converting a file is as easy as three clicks of a button - one click to upload your file, another to select the new file format and the final one to make the magic happen!

Any Operating System

Because you don't need to download any software for Zamzar to convert your files, you don't need to worry about what operating system you’re running.

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A converted file doesn't mean a change of formatting or style. Instead, the only thing you should notice is a new file extension.

Cloud Based

You upload your file to Zamzar, and we convert it for you and then pass it back for you to download. The whole process occurs online and means you don't have to leave the browser.