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Why compress WAV files?

WAV files also are known as WAVE audio files and they're something of a relic in audio file format terms as they've been around for what feels like forever. Developed by IBM and Microsoft they're still a popular format that is used today. WAV files are high quality audio files as they've not had any compression applied to them. It is because of this that they're so widely used, especially by those in the music industry who place such a premium on quality. However, with high quality comes large storage demands and a WAV file format is around ten times the size of the MP3 file format. Given their size, WAV files either get converted first to a more efficient format or are compressed before a user sends or stores them. The Zamzar compression tool allows users to compress WAV files and reduce their size without there being any noticeable impact on the quality of the file. i.e. the sound will sound the same.

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Zamzar has been around since 2006, and in that time we have worked day and night to make sure your files get converted as quickly as they possibly can.


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A converted file doesn't mean a change of formatting or style. Instead, the only thing you should notice is a new file extension.

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Concerned that Zamzar won't work because you are running an operating system that isn't Windows? There's no need to be! Zamzar works on all operating systems.