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Why convert BMP to text?

BMP files are a type of image file format developed by Microsoft, widely used for storing bitmap images. They're commonly used for storing screenshots of computer displays, so it's possible you have a few lurking about somewhere. BMP files are typically uncompressed and can take up a lot of space on your hard drive; they also often can't be used easily for sharing data online as they aren't supported by certain web browsers.

With our BMP image-to-text converter, you can quickly and easily convert any type of BMP image into editable text. Our simple tool uses specialist OCR (optical character recognition) software to process the BMP image and extract the text inside as editable and searchable text. This service can be especially useful for those who need to quickly extract text from screenshots of files such as legal documents, contracts, and medical records. Using a conversion tool can save time and energy, and helps to reduce errors that occur with manual transcribing of text from picture files.

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