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A CR2 file format also goes by its full name which is Canon Raw Image File and as the name implies it is a raw image file that has been created by a Canon digital camera. A CR2 file, like other Raw image files, is a file that has not undergone any processing or compression meaning the image data has been stored in a way that mirrors exactly what was captured by the cameras sensor. This means that the file is incredibly crisp and high quality but also large in size. Raw image files, like the CR2 file, are used by photographers when printing because they often want the highest quality print they can get therefore they use the sharpest picture available. For the ordinary user, CR2 files tend to be converted to more accessible image file types like the JPG meaning they undergo some compression and there’s some loss of quality. CR2 files are easily opened and can be opened by Photoshop, Microsoft Photos, Apple Photos and Preview.

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