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A MEF file is also known as a Mamiya RAW Image file and has been created using a Mamiya digital camera. MEF file formats are similar to other RAW image files that have been created by other digital camera companies in that the file is high quality, uncompressed and unprocessed. To put this another way, the picture that was taken by the camera sensor is perfectly replicated in a MEF file. MEF files, like other RAW file formats, are used when there’s a need to share or print high quality images. Events like weddings would be an example of this. They are not shared socially because they have a prohibitive file size so instead they’re often converted to a compressed image format such as a JPG or PNG. MEF files can be opened by well known applications such as PaintShop Pro or Adobe’s Photoshop as well as Microsoft Photos or Apple Photos.

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Using Zamzar it is possible to convert from MEF to a variety of other formats

  • mef to ai (Adobe Illustrator Artwork)
  • mef to bmp (Windows bitmap)
  • mef to eps (Encapsulated PostScript)
  • mef to gif (Compuserve graphics interchange)
  • mef to jpg (JPEG compliant image)
  • mef to pcx (Paintbrush Bitmap Image)
  • mef to pdf (Portable Document Format)
  • mef to png (Portable Network Graphic)
  • mef to tga (Truevision Targa Graphic)
  • mef to tiff (Tagged image file format)
  • mef to wbmp (Wireless Bitmap File Format)
  • mef to webp (Lossily compressed image file)

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