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tiff TIFF (Image)

File extension .tiff
Category Image File
Description TIFF files are one of the rare file formats that actually predate the JPG file format having been developed five decades ago. A TIFF file is a compressed image file that was originally conceived to allow users to be able to open an image across different platforms and OS’s. Despite being a compressed file format the size of TIFF files still tend to be large which opened the door for a more efficient rival file format hence the creation of the JPG.
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Technical Details TIFF files tends to use lossless compression, although they’re also sometimes compressed using lossy compression. The file itself is a container which is made up of raster images and the file itself can support 1-24-bit which is greater than many of its rivals at the time meaning that the TIFF file format was, and in some cases still is, popular amongst keen photographers who wanted to print crisp images.
Associated programs CyberLink PowerDVD
InterVideo WinDVD
VideoLAN VLC Media Player
Windows Media Player
Developed by Aldus, Adobe Systems
MIME type image/tiff
Useful links More information about what a TIFF file is
How can you open a TIFF file ?
TIFF Converter

jpg JPG (Image)

File extension .jpg
Category Image File
Description A JPG is a compressed image format that became popular around the same sort of time as the Internet began to take off. The reason for that is because a JPG is small in size but crucially still high in quality and so when Internet speeds were not what they are now it was key that images were lightweight so the sites could load quickly. The JPG grew in popularity and became effectively the de-facto file format for anything image based.
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Technical Details A JPG is smaller than a TIFF file and to the human eye there’s not much difference between the two quality wise. Unlike a TIFF file, which is a container file, the JPG is an image format that has gone through lossy compression to remove unnecessary data to make it smaller. Both formats were designed with ease of use in mind as both are able to be easily opened by different devices, OS’s and applications.
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop
Apple Preview
Corel Paint Shop Pro
Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer
Developed by The JPEG Committee
MIME type image/jpeg
Useful links More detailed information on JPG files
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tiff Convert TIFF file

Using Zamzar it is possible to convert TIFF files to a variety of other formats

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  • tiff to ico (Windows Icon)
  • tiff to jpg (JPEG compliant image)
  • tiff to pcx (Paintbrush Bitmap Image)
  • tiff to pdf (Portable Document Format)
  • tiff to png (Portable Network Graphic)
  • tiff to tga (Truevision Targa Graphic)
  • tiff to thumbnail (Thumbnail image)
  • tiff to wbmp (Wireless Bitmap File Format)
  • tiff to webp (Lossily compressed image file)

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