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An ARW file is a raw image file that has been created using a Sony camera. It's high in quality as it hasn't undergone any processing or compression, so it mirrors what the camera sensor sees. As it hasn't been compressed, the file size is large, often prohibitively so. However, as the quality is so good, ARW files are often used in printing.

A JPG file is a compressed image file that is a fraction of the size of most raw image files. It’s the most widely used image format around today, and is particularly popular online, with many websites favouring JPG files because of their small file size and ability to be easily downloaded.

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1100+ File-conversion Types Supported

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert ARW to JPG?

An ARW file is a raw Sony image file, and, according to Sony’s own website, users can install the Imaging Edge software to convert the ARW file to a JPG. Alternatively, if you prefer not to have to download software, you can use an online alternative, such as the Zamzar conversion tool.

How do I convert ARW to JPG in bulk?

Zamzar allows you to convert up 2 files concurrently with its free service, and allows up to 100 concurrent conversions with its paid plans.

Is ARW the same as RAW?

An ARW file is a raw file; it is a Sony Alpha Raw image file and, like other raw file formats, it hasn't gone through any compression or processing in any way.

How can I convert ARW files without losing quality?

As an ARW file is a raw file, it hasn't undergone any compression or processing, and so matches what the camera sensor sees. Therefore, any form of conversion is going to impact the quality in some form, because you will be converting from a raw, uncompressed format into a compressed format such as a JPG. However, when viewing the images on screen the difference in quality will be negligible.

Can you open ARW files in Lightroom?

The simple answer is yes. Adobe Lightroom allows you to not only open ARW files, but also enables the editing of them as well.