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A PUB file has been created using Microsoft Publisher. A PUB file contains everything you may expect to see in a leaflet, flyer or poster, i.e. a mix of text, images and other objects.

A PDF file is a document file that was developed by Adobe. PDF files are popular because they can be opened on almost any platform or device. The file itself can contain text, images, charts and other objects, and also support advanced formatting. This allows other file formats to be easily turned into PDFs.

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Fast Downloads

Fast Downloads

We've recently developed real-time conversions, which means you never have to leave our site to convert and download your file.
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Any Operating System

Zamzar converts files on all platforms. We support Windows, Mac, Linux and everything in between. All you need is a web browser.
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Cloud Based

Zamzar is a cloud-based conversion tool, which means you can convert your file from anywhere, providing you have a working internet connection!
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No Account Needed

We don't require an email address, a name, or a phone number. We just need your file and what you want it converted into.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert a PUB file to PDF?

If you have Microsoft Publisher, simply open the PUB file and click 'File', 'Save As', and then in the menu that says 'Save as type' select 'PDF'. This will convert the PUB file to a PDF. If you haven't got Microsoft Publisher, then you can use an online conversion tool, such as Zamzar. Using Zamzar, upload the PUB file, select PDF as the file type to convert to, and click 'Convert Now'. This will convert the file in real time, allowing you to then download the PDF file and save it.

What opens a PUB file?

Many programs support the PUB file format, and it is fairly simply to open them. The easiest way is to use Microsoft Publisher - the program that actually created the file. If you haven't got access to Microsoft Publisher, then CorelDraw or LibreOffice can also be used to open PUB files. Failing that, you can convert the PUB file into an image or PDF which can be opened on almost any device/platform.

Can I open a Publisher file in Word?

It's not possible to open a Publisher file directly in Word, but you can copy the content from the Publisher file and paste it into a Word document, rearranging the images as needed. Alternatively, you can convert the file to a DOC file using an online file conversion service, like Zamzar, and then, once converted, open the DOC file in Word.

How do I open PUB files on Android?

The Android App 'Publisher - Microsoft Publisher Edition for Android' allows you to access and edit PUB files from your Android device, and can even do it offline. Alternatively, you can convert the PUB file to a PDF or image file, using a tool like Zamzar, and open it on your phone.

How do I open a PUB file on my iPhone?

To open a PUB file on an iPhone, you can use one of the many Publisher apps that are in the App Store, such as the popular 'Publisher Expert - Microsoft Publisher Edition'. If you'd prefer not to download an app, then simply convert the PUB file into a PDF or image file, and open it that way instead.