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MP4, sometimes known as MPEG4, is a multimedia file that is used to store video or audio data. MP4 files are typically smaller in size than other audio or video file types because MP4 files use a mix of compression technologies. Video and audio compression are usually handled by different codecs (audiovisual encoders). The video part is compressed with MPEG-4 which is a standard that was developed by Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG), whilst the audio is typically compressed using AAC compression. The explosion in popularity of the MP4 format is largely down to Apple and the iTunes Store, as it is the standard format for almost all of the media downloaded from the store. Typically MP4 files are seen when a video is downloaded from the Internet too. They are often opened on your computer by using Windows Media Player or QuickTime whilst they normally open on mobile devices without the need to download any applications.
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