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A WAV file is also known as a WAVE file and is a lossless audio file. This means the file has high-quality audio, making it a popular choice for music experts, such as audio and sound engineers. The large files sizes resulting from the quality audio are the only drawback to this file type, but it’s a format that’s been around for decades and stood the test of time.

An MP4 file is a video file that has been compressed in a clever way – with the audio undergoing compression separately from the video. This makes it an efficient file and one that is very popular. MP4 files can be opened by almost any media program, are widely used, and really reached the height of popularity when Apple decided it was its go-to video format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert from WAV to MP4?

The simplest way to convert a WAV to an MP4 is to use an online file conversion website, such as Zamzar. Just upload the WAV file, select MP4 as the file type to convert to, and click 'Convert Now'. This will then convert the file in real time, and you won't have had to download any software to do this.

What is the difference between MP4 and WAV?

A WAV file is an audio file that is a lossless file format. This means that the quality of the file is absolute, but also results in a large file size. An MP4 file, meanwhile, is a video format that is known as a lossy file, because it has been compressed in a way that impacts the overall quality of that file. The compression for the audio is handled separately to that of the video, and the reduced file size makes it an efficient format.

Can a WAV file be a video?

No, a WAV file is an audio file. However, it can be converted into a video format, as video files have a separate track for the audio.

How do I convert WAV to MP4 on a Mac?

You can either convert it directly via the music application on your Mac, or use an online file conversion website, such as Zamzar. To convert the file using the music app, navigate to 'Preferences' and then 'Files', and select your WAV file. Then click 'Import Settings', selecting 'MP4' when the pop-up appears.

How do I record a WAV file in Windows 10?

The easiest way is to launch the Video Recorder application on Windows, which you can do by searching Windows for it. Once the application is open, click the 'Record' button and then, once the recording is complete, click the 'Stop' button. Once complete, the file will automatically be saved as an M4A file. To then convert this to a WAV file, the simplest way is to use a file conversion website, such as Zamzar, where you can convert the file without needing to download any software.