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XLS, also known as a spreadsheet file that has been created by Microsoft or another spreadsheet program. It contains one or more worksheets that are made up of cells which are arranged by row and by column. XLS files allow users to do calculations by inserting formulas into cells. XLS files also support charts, images, pivot tables and more which means that anybody doing any form of calculation or statistics tend to use XLS files. XLS file also allow users to create and record macros using a macro programming language called Visual Basic. XLS files are widely used in education and in work and are widely used. In 2007 the XLSX file replaced it as the primary file type used to save Excel Spreadsheets. Users can open XLS files on either Office for Windows or for Mac and support all the features including macros that have been written in Visual Basic. Whilst applications like OpenOffice allow XLS files to be opened but some features may be limited. XLS files can also be opened on Android or iOS.

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