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A WMA file is also known as a Windows Media Audio file and is, generally, a lossy file format, which means it has undergone compression that has impacted the overall quality of the file. WMA files were Microsoft’s answer to the popular MP3 file, but the format didn't take off in the way the MP3 format did.

An MP3 file is a compressed audio file that saw an explosion in use with the birth of the Apple iPod and the creation of rival MP3 players that allowed people to play music on the go. Files were small in size and still fairly high in quality, meaning it was one of the most popular file formats in the early 00s. Over time, however, more efficient audio formats have taken its place, and its popularity has waned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert from WMA to MP3?

The easiest way is to use an online conversion tool, like Zamzar, as then you don't need to download any software. The conversion happens in real time, and you can convert more than one WMA file at once, should you need to.

What will play a WMA file?

WMA files tend to be opened using Windows Media Player, but can also be played using multi-platform players, such as the VideoLAN VLC media player, MPlayer or AllPlayer. If you don't have access to any of these media players, then you can convert your WMA file to an MP3, which is more universally supported.

Can I convert a WMA to MP3 in Windows Media Player?

Yes, Windows Media player allows this under a setting called 'Rip Music'. Open Windows Media Player and open the WMA file that needs be converted. Then, select the 'Organise' option on the top bar, and click 'Options', followed by 'Rip Music'. You can choose where you save the file to and, once you've done that, you simply need to select 'MP3' in the 'Format' section, under 'Rip settings'. When complete, click 'Apply', followed by 'Ok'.

Is a WMA file lossless?

Most WMA files are lossy, which means the type of compression used will result in some loss to the overall quality of the file. Lossless WMA files do exist, but these are rare.