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I tried it and immediately fell in love! It was so easy to use! After a couple conversions I bought the guys a cup of coffee. A couple more and decided this was too good to abuse! I joined! My life is so much easier!


I had a huge, problematic file to convert that couldn't go through the usual automated conversion process. The Zamzar team responded quickly to my request for help, and they took the extra steps needed to do it manually.


Used it for over a year to convert my bank statements to csv files. Great quick app, increased my productivity a lot. Also, amazing support - always helped me quickly!

Agata Wierzbicka

I've used this product for years. And customer service is excellent. Just had an issue where I was charged and I didn't agree with the charge and they took care of it, even though they didn't have to.


I have been so thankful for Zamzar’s support from the beginning of the Pandemic to the present day. Their service is first rate & their helpfulness is always the best it could be.


A very useful and professional site. The service is easy to use and the administrators are helpful and courteous.

David Shelton

I use Zamar whenever I need to convert audio and video files from multiple submitters to 1 uniform file format for Audio and Video Editing. I can do multiple large files in a short amount of time.

Christopher Bee

Great thanks to you all for helping me to get the OLD files converted correctly. 20 years, quite a long time, reviewing the files brings much memory to me. That's the best gift I received last year. Thank you all again.

Jiunn-Ru Lai

I feel like Zamzar is an active team member, especially for projects that I work on where I am the workhorse and it saves so much time and frustration. I am spoiled with Zamzar, because they have set the bar for file conversion and customer service very high.

Deborah Herman

Fantastic service! My mom's computer died and she has 1000+ Word Perfect files she wants to keep for some reason. Since Word Perfect is basically dead, I decided to convert all her files. Zamzar's converter was perfect.

Aron Boyette

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3GP Video Format

3GP Converter

The 3GP file format was developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, hence the name. It is a video container format that's typically used on mobile devices. It was originally developed to save on disk space and reduce the amount of mobile data required to send video files from device to device. It is the de-facto file format for media within text messages, also known as MMS. 3GP files can be opened on almost any 3G mobile phones without the need to download any additional software. To view a 3GP file away from your phone it's possible to use software such as QuickTime, MediaPlayer or VLC. In recent times, with the advent of smartphones and increased bandwith, a new format known as 3G2 has gained popularity, as it is able to store higher quality AAC+ audio.

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FLV Video Format

FLV Converter

The FLV file, or Flash Video File, was originally developed by Macromedia, a company who were later acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005. FLV files can be opened using software such as Adobe Flash Player and VLC.

Historically Flash video became the de facto file type for almost all video players in the early days of video on the Internet, thanks to the popularity of YouTube, and also the Flash plugin for web browsers, which ensured widespread support for the format. In later years the popularity of the format waned, not least when Apple made a move to HTML5 as their standard file type for streaming video. Sites wuchg as Hulu, Netflix and YouTube itself followed suit in moving to HTML5 for video playback, and in doing so almost killed off the FLV file format.

The file is similar in construction to the standard Flash file (.SWF) in that it stores the audio and the video in much the same way, and just like the standard Flash file it cannot be viewed on iOS.

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How to convert a 3GP to a FLV file?

  1. 1. Choose the 3GP file that you want to convert.
  2. 2. Select FLV as the the format you want to convert your 3GP file to.
  3. 3. Click "Convert" to convert your 3GP file.

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Convert to 3GP

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