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The 3GP file format was developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, hence the name. It is a video container format that's typically used on mobile devices. It was originally developed to save on disk space and reduce the amount of mobile data required to send video files from device to device. It is the de-facto file format for media within text messages, also known as MMS. 3GP files can be opened on almost any 3G mobile phones without the need to download any additional software. To view a 3GP file away from your phone it's possible to use software such as QuickTime, MediaPlayer or VLC. In recent times, with the advent of smartphones and increased bandwith, a new format known as 3G2 has gained popularity, as it is able to store higher quality AAC+ audio.

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Using Zamzar it is possible to convert to 3GP from a variety of other formats

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  • 3g2 to 3gp (3GPP2 Multimedia File)
  • asf to 3gp (Advanced Streaming Format)
  • avi to 3gp (Windows video file)
  • f4v to 3gp (Flash MP4 video)
  • flv to 3gp (Flash video)
  • m2ts to 3gp (Blu-ray BDAV Video file)
  • m4v to 3gp (MPEG-4 Video File)
  • mkv to 3gp (Matroska Multimedia Container)
  • mod to 3gp (Hard disk camera movie)
  • mov to 3gp (Apple QuickTime Movie)
  • mp4 to 3gp (MPEG-4 Video File)
  • mpg to 3gp (Moving Picture Experts Group File)
  • mts to 3gp (AVCHD Video File)
  • rm to 3gp (RealMedia Streaming Media)
  • rmvb to 3gp (RealVideo Variable Bit Rate File)
  • ts to 3gp (Video Transport Stream File)
  • vob to 3gp (Video Object File)
  • webm to 3gp (Multimedia Container Format)
  • wmv to 3gp (Windows Media Video)

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