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svg converter The SVG file, or "Scalable Vector Graphics" file was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium in conjunction with Adobe Systems. The main feature of the SVG format is that graphics can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality. A vector format, SVG files use an XML text based format which details how the image should appear on screen. It's this instruction set that then allows the images to be enlarged and shrunk without any impact to the quality of the graphic. Due to different sized monitor resolutions, a multitude of browsers and devices (phones, tablets and laptops) the SVG format is popular amongst many websites, since the image quality is consistent on all browsers and devices. SVG files can be viewed in most web browsers, but editing can be more complex. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop both support editing, with the right plugins installed, whilst Inkscape is a useful free tool that can also be used.

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