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File extension.pages
CategoryDocument File
DescriptionFiles with a .pages file extension are word processing documents created by Apple's "Pages" application which forms part of Apple's iWork office suite, a set of applications which run on the Max OS X and iOS operating systems, and also includes Numbers (for spreadsheets) and Keynote (for presentations). Pages is a hybrid application, first released by Apple in February 2005, that allows users to perform both word processing and page layout tasks. A direct competitor to Microsoft Word (part of Microsoft's "Office" suite) it originally aimed to take a more simplistic approach to document creation and editing than Word, stripping out many of Word's more complex features.

Pages includes over 140 Apple-supplied templates to allow users to create common documents such as posters, newsletters, certificates, reports, brochures and formal letters - iWork '09 added support for a further 40 new templates. Pages can used to create custom documents which include charts, tables, images, text boxes, shapes, equations and graphs. It incoporates most of the key features found in modern word processors, including the selection of fonts based on WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get"), the use of headers, footers, page-breaks, footnotes, bulleted lists and support for automatically generating a table of contents. Pages also comes with the standard spelling and grammar checkers, and provides support for ditching the keyboard to use the dictation capabilities of OS X Mountain Lion. Pages provides tools for collaboration through change-tracking and advanced commenting and feedback features.

Pages integrates well with other Apple applications - Since iWork '08 a media browser has been incorporated which allows users to drag and drop photos, movies and music from iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture and iMovie, and it is possible to link charts produced in Numbers to .pages documents so that they update when that data is changed. Since the release of version 4.2 of Pages (in July 2012), it also supports the auto-syncing of documents through iCloud

The key advances in Pages are summarised below:

VersionDateKey features
1.0February 2005First version - basic features - tables, columns, headers & footers, and some formatting.
2.0January 2006Released in iWork '06. Includes 3-D graphing, inline searching, page management, comment support and new table tools.
3.0August 2007Released in iWork '08. Introduced a contextual format bar, change tracking, grammar checking (via "Proofreader"), support for Microsoft Office 2007 .docx files (Office Open XML) and image masking features.
4.0January 2009Released in iWork '09. New features such as a running word count, full screen editing, equation support (via MathType), support for iWork.com, outline mode, improved support for Microsoft Office documents.
4.1July 2011Support added for Mac OS X Lion, full screen document editing, auto saving, resume, document versioning, better compatibility with Microsoft Office.
4.2July 2012Support added for Mac OS X Mountain Lion, document syncing via iCloud, retina display support, voice supoprt via Dictation.

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Technical DetailsOfficial file format specifications for iWork '09 pages files are not published by Apple but there have been attempts by some developers to reverse engineer them. At the top level iWork '09 pages files represent a zip file containing:
  1. An index.xml file
  2. A buildVersionHistory file
  3. A "QuickLook" directory with a "Thumbnail.jpg" of the document. The directory may also contain a PDF file named "Preview.pdf" if the user chose to save the original document with additional preview information in Pages.
The index.xml is the core component of the file, containing the document content and all of the metadata for formatting it. This XML is not standards-based as Pages does not support the OpenDocument file format used by Microsoft.

Files created by Pages in iWork '09 are not backwards compatibile with earlier versions of iWork. Pages files cannot be opened by programs other than iWork.

Associated programs Pages 4.0
Pages 4.1
Pages 4.2
iWork '09
Developed by Apple Inc
MIME type  application/x-iwork-pages-sffpages
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Apple gallery of templates for Pages
Information on iWork Pages mime formats
More information from Apple on iWork
File format compatibility for iWork and Pages
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Converting PAGES files

Using Zamzar it is possible to convert PAGES files to a variety of other formats:

pages to doc (Microsoft Word Document)
pages to pdf (Portable Document Format)
pages to rtf (Rich Text Format)
pages to txt (Text Document)

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File extension.doc
CategoryDocument File
DescriptionDOC (une abréviation de document) est une extension de fichier pour des documents de traitement de texte ; elle est principalement associée à Microsoft et ses applications Microsoft Word. Elle fut autrefois utilisée pour des documents au format texte brut, particulièrement pour des programmes ou du matériel informatique, dans une vaste gamme de systèmes d'opération. Presque tout le monde a déjà utilisé le format de fichier doc. Que ce soit pour écrire une lettre, écrire un travail ou écrire de façon générale sur le PC, vous utiliserez le format de fichier doc. C'est dans les années 1990 que Microsoft a choisi l'extension doc pour ses formats de traitement de texte Microsoft Word, dont elle est propriétaire. Puisque les technologies PC se sont améliorées, l'utilisation d’origine de cette extension est devenue moins importante et est largement disparue du monde du PC.
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Technical DetailsLes anciennes versions du format de fichier doc contiennent essentiellement du texte formaté. Cependant, le développement de ce format a permis aux fichiers doc de contenir une large variété d'objets incorporés tels que des graphiques et des tables provenant de d'autres applications ainsi que des médias tels que des vidéos, images, sons et diagrammes. Les fichiers doc peuvent aussi contenir des informations de fusion de courriel , permettant d'utiliser un modèle de traitement de texte en conjonction avec un tableur ou une base de données.
Associated programs AbiWord
Apple Pages
Microsoft Word
Developed by Microsoft
MIME type  application/msword
Useful links Plus de détails sur les fichiers doc
Alternatives gratuites à Microsoft pour ouvrir les fichiers doc
Spécifications de format de fichier binaire Microsoft Office
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