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The PS file has a full name of PostScript and was developed by Adobe in the early 1980s and was another computing breakthrough that came out of the famous Xerox PARC which saw the creation of laser printers, GUI’s and the modern PC plus a whole lot more. The file itself is used mainly in the print and publishing industry as the file itself can contain both text and images but in recent years have been largely replaced by the PDF file – another Adobe product. Many printers are able to print PS files and programs such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are able to open them.

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PS Convert to PS

Using Zamzar it is possible to convert to PS from a variety of other formats

  • avif to ps (AV1 Image File Format)
  • bmp to ps (Windows bitmap)
  • doc to ps (Microsoft Word Document)
  • docx to ps (Microsoft Word 2007 Document)
  • emf to ps (Windows Enhanced Metafile)
  • eps to ps (Encapsulated PostScript)
  • gif to ps (Compuserve graphics interchange)
  • jfif to ps (JPEG File Interchange Format)
  • jpg to ps (JPEG compliant image)
  • odp to ps (OpenDocument presentation)
  • odt to ps (OpenDocument text)
  • pcx to ps (Paintbrush Bitmap Image)
  • pdf to ps (Portable Document Format)
  • png to ps (Portable Network Graphic)
  • pps to ps (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
  • ppsx to ps (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show)
  • ppt to ps (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
  • pptx to ps (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation)
  • pub to ps (Microsoft Publisher)
  • rtf to ps (Rich Text Format)
  • tga to ps (Truevision Targa Graphic)
  • wbmp to ps (Wireless Bitmap File Format)
  • wmf to ps (Windows Metafile)
  • wpd to ps (WordPerfect Document)
  • wps to ps (Microsoft Works Document)

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PS Convert from PS

Using Zamzar it is possible to convert from PS to a variety of other formats

  • ps to bmp (Windows bitmap)
  • ps to gif (Compuserve graphics interchange)
  • ps to jpg (JPEG compliant image)
  • ps to pdf (Portable Document Format)
  • ps to tiff (Tagged image file format)
  • ps to thumbnail (Thumbnail image)

PS Converter - Convert file now