This page contains information on the TAR file extension (Tape Archive File), a popular video file format

TAR TAR (Archive)

File extension .tar
Category Archive File
Description The TAR file format was initially developed within a Unix environment with a purpose to support tape backup procedures. Subsequently it has been used for file archiving purposes and to collect multiple files into one file for storage or distribution. TAR is also the name of an application that handles TAR files. TAR, despite still being quite popular, particularly in the Linux platform, does have some shortcomings, which have been addressed through new versions of the format.
Technical Details A TAR file is a collection of files into one file. It is not compressed by default. A number of compression applications exist which can then be used to compress the entire TAR file, such as gzip. If compression is applied then this changes the file extension from.tar to .tar.gz to denote its compression. The new additional suffix is dependent on the type of compression used. TAR files consist of a file header and file data rounded up to a multiple of 512 bytes.
Associated programs
  • GNU Tar
  • WinZip
  • StuffIt
  • Apple Archive Utility
Developed by The GNU Project
MIME type
  • application/tar
  • application/x-tar
  • applicaton/x-gtar
  • multipart/x-tar
  • application/x-compress
  • application/x-compressed
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  • tar to yz1 (DeepFreezer Compressed Archive)
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