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CAF Audio Format

CAF Converter

CAF files are also known as Core Audio Files and were developed by Apple. They are similar to a WAVE file in that they store more than just audio data. CAF files are able to store text, metadata, markers and various other information and are limitless in terms of their size which is why they were developed. Older formats, such as WAVE files, have a 4GB limitation applied to them which means recordings can’t go past a certain point. CAF files can, in theory at least, store years of audio should there be a need to. CAF files are able to be opened by QuickTime Player (version 7 and later) as well as Apple’s GarageBand.

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M4R Audio Format

M4R Converter

An M4R is often referred to as an iPhone ringtone file. Developed by Apple, an M4R file is similar to an M4A file with the main difference being that an M4R file can only be 30 seconds in length and they are typically converted using iTunes itself. The way they work is a user selects a song they from their iTunes library that they want as a ringtone and they saved it as an M4R file and reimport back into iTunes giving them their own custom ringtone.

To avoid piracy M4R files can only created using music that has been purchased from iTunes. M4R files can be played by iTunes and on all Apple devices, and can also be played via the VLC media player but to play an M4R file using a program that isn’t Apple based would mean a user has created the file using software that is not linked with Apple and therefore do not include copyright protection.

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How to convert a CAF to a M4R file?

  1. 1. Choose the CAF file that you want to convert.
  2. 2. Select M4R as the the format you want to convert your CAF file to.
  3. 3. Click "Convert" to convert your CAF file.

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