This page contains information on the 7Z file extension (7-Zip Compressed File), a popular video file format

7Z 7Z (Archive)

File extension .7z
Category Archive File
Description First released in 1999, the .7z file extension was first released alongside the 7Zip open source archiving application. The format allows for any conversion, encryption or compression method to be applied. Because any of these methods can be used, the format is effectively future proofed. The file type also allows for its size to be extremely large and can achieve high rates of compression.
Technical Details The 7z file extension allows for files of up to 16000000000 GB. 7 types of compression are currently supported. The default compression technique, LZMA, compresses at approximately 1MB/s and decompresses at up to 20MB/s. The file format supports the use of AES-256 encryption.
Associated programs
  • 7Zip
  • WinZip
  • WinRAR
Developed by 7-zip
MIME type
  • application/x-7z-compressed
Useful links

7Z Convert 7Z file

Using Zamzar, it is possible to convert 7Z files to a variety of other formats

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  • 7z to tar (Tape Archive File)
  • 7z to tar.gz (Gzip Compressed Archive)
  • 7z to yz1 (DeepFreezer Compressed Archive)
  • 7z to zip (Compressed Archive File)
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