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An AIFC file goes by the full name of a Compressed Audio Interchange File and were developed by Apple. Typically almost all CD’s were made up of WAV files because it was thought WAV gave the best sound quality. The issue with WAV files is they consume a large amount of storage which is why Apple developed the AIFC file. Apple thought they could create a file that had exactly the same quality as a WAV but with a much reduced storage footprint. Apple succeeded in developing just this as the AIFC file uses either ULAW, ALAW or G722 compression and reduces the file to around 30% of a WAV but with no impact to the quality of the sound. As a result of this development, AIFC files are a popular file format in the gaming industry. AIFC files can be opened by many different audio players including Windows Media Player, the VLC Player and Apple QuickTime Player.

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