Zapier Integrations

Connect Zamzar to your favourite tools

Our file conversion API is great for building file conversion capabilities into your own applications and websites, but what if you want to connect to other popular services without writing any code?

Zamzar works with Zapier to give you a simple point and click interface to achieve this. You can setup workflows, so when a trigger happens in one app, you configure an action to be taken in another app. Check out the most popular integrations below, or create your own on Zapier.

Send files to Zamzar for conversion

Use the following integrations to automatically send new files from popular cloud storage Apps to Zamzar for conversion. Use folders and filters to only send the files you want, and get up and running in minutes!



Save files from Zamzar to Cloud Storage

Use the following integrations to automatically save your converted files to the most popular cloud storage Apps. You can filter converted files based on filename or type and save converted files wherever you need them. No coding experience needed!



Get help

If you are new to Zapier we've created a handy step by step guide to help you get up and running quickly. It will take you through the basics of what Zapier is, how to setup an account, and how to start using their simple tools to connect Zamzar to other tools and services.

If you need any help just drop us an email.