The Zamzar API is a great tool for building file conversion capabilities into your own apps and services, but what if you wanted to connect to other applications without writing any code?

Zamzar works with Make to provide you with a drag-and-drop interface to achieve this. Integrating any number of applications is easy using pre-built templates or creating your own, from converting files from Dropbox to saving converted files to Google Drive.

What is Make?

Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything - from simple tasks to complex workflows - in minutes. With Make, you can send information between Zamzar and thousands of apps to convert different file formats. It's fast and easy to use, visually intuitive, and requires zero coding expertise.

Getting started

To use Zamzar on Make, you'll need accounts on both platforms:

How to use the Zamzar Integration

Make provides you with features and functionality to effectively connect two or more applications together; this is referred to as Creating Scenarios. You can either create scenarios manually or using pre-built templates.

Creating a scenario manually

This is often the best way of learning all of the features on offer from any workflow tool. Read the Zamzar Help Guide on Make before you create your first scenario. If you want to get started quickly, consider using the pre-built templates.

Pre-Built Templates

For more templates, visit the Make integrations page.

Additional Help

There are a number of resources you can use for additional help: