This page contains information on the YZ1 file extension (Yamazaki ZIPPER File), a popular video file format

YZ1 YZ1 (Archive)

File extension .yz1
Category Archive File
Description The .YZ1 file extension was created by a Japanese company for use with the DeepFreezer file compression software. The freeware application was last released in 2000 and was compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. The YZ1 provided the capability to add password protection to an archive file created. The format failed to capture a competitive market share and is rarely used.
Technical Details Like other compression file types, the YZ1 takes a group of files and saves them under one filename. The YZ1 file type uses compression similar to that of Zip. Based on Huffman coding, it also makes use of LZ77 system. Compression and decompression both occur at good speeds.
Associated programs
  • IZArc
  • TUGZip
  • DeepFreeezer
  • ZipZag
Developed by Yamazaki ZIPPER
MIME type
  • N/A
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YZ1 Convert YZ1 file

Using Zamzar, it is possible to convert YZ1 files to a variety of other formats

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  • yz1 to cab (Cabinet File)
  • yz1 to lzh (Compressed Archive File)
  • yz1 to tar (Tape Archive File)
  • yz1 to tar.gz (Gzip Compressed Archive)
  • yz1 to zip (Compressed Archive File)
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