This page contains information on the X3F file extension (Sigma Camera RAW Picture File), a popular video file format

X3F X3F (Image)

File extension .x3f
Category Image File
Description X3F is a proprietary RAW image format produced by the camera manufacturer Sigma in conjunction with Foveon Inc. Sigma cameras capture raw information straight from the camera's Foveon sensors when taking a shot which means photos can be captured with the conditions in which they were taken. The Sigma X3F format contains all the information necessary to allow photographers to make final adjustments before exporting the image to a more common format such as JPG or TIFF.
Technical Details X3F files are designed to hold all the data associated with a single image, including the image data, thumbnail(s), preview image(s) and text properties. The X3F format is designed to allow modification of file data by appending subsequent information to the file - this allows the file format to be used on write-once media, where earlier data in the file cannot be changed. In the X3F format brightness and color data is kept in a 1:1 ratio without relying on interpolation. X3F files begin Files begin with ASCII signature "FOVb".
Associated programs
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Google Picasa
Developed by Sigma & Foveon Inc.
MIME type
  • image/x-sigma-x3f
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