This page contains information on the RA file extension (RealAudio), a popular video file format

RA RA (Audio)

File extension .ra
Category Audio File
Description Real Audio is an audio format. It was first introduced by RealNetworks in 1995, the current version being Real Audio 10. Files of this format usually have the extensions of RA, RAX, RM or RAM. Real Audio is often used as a streaming audio format (can be played at the same time as it's downloaded) due to its ability to conform to low bandwidths. This makes Real Audio a common format for many internet radio stations.
Technical Details RealAudio was developed as a streaming media format, meaning that it can be played while it is downloaded. It is possible to stream RealAudio using HTTP. In this case, the RealAudio file is retrieved similarly to a normal web page, but playback begins as soon as the first part is received and continues while the rest of the file is downloaded. Using http streaming works best with pre-recorded files. Some alternative protocols have been developed which work better for live broadcasts. In many cases, web pages do not link directly to a RealAudio file. Instead, they link to a .ram (Real Audio Metadata) or SMIL file. This is a small text file containing a link to the audio stream. When a user clicks on such a link, the user's web browser downloads the .ram or .smil file and launches the user's media player. The media player reads the pnm or rtsp URL from the file and then plays the stream.
Associated programs
  • RealNetworks RealPlayer
Developed by Real Networks
MIME type
  • audio/x-pn-realaudio
  • audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
  • audio/x-realaudio
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